Friday, November 29, 2013

Want a good laugh...or cry

Yes, there really are those who remain in deep, deep denial who actually think four more years of an Obama admin would be blissful. Please say it ain't so. 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Fed up with, check out

I just spent 15 minutes signing up my entire family with the folks at and it was easy. Even better, the cost to insure my family of four (medical and dental): $391 per month. The ehealthinsurance customer service reps were friendly, the website worked (sorry,!) and it only takes 48 hours to find out if you are approved.

Many naysayers of online private-sector insurance are quick to bemoan "pre-existing conditions" as a reason to not try the private route. Okay, I might give you that, maybe. The uninsured individual with pre-existing conditions is a serious issue. However, I strongly maintain that Obamacare is not the right approach or solution. If you are someone with pre-existing conditions that make some private insurance hard and/or impossible to get, a free-market solution would be the better and ultimately more affordable approach.

The pre-existing and insurance cost debacle wasn't a scenario that one party (Democrats) wanted to tackle and the other (Republican) didn't. Rather, it's the portability, tort reform and pre-existing conditions approaches of the latter party that simply weren't considered in 2009 when healthcare reform became the hot button issue.

With the president having his lowest approval rating numbers to date and a country that doesn't philosophically align with socialized medicine (let's call it what it is already), Obamacare has taken a public beating and rightfully so.

Government determining what healthcare you get and how much you will pay isn't the answer. Healthcare is a very personal and private issue. Contrary to what many in the mainstream media and far-left would have you believe, healthcare isn't a right, it's a service and profession that tens of thousands of professionals spend years and years paying into higher education for to become general practitioners/internists, specialized doctors and surgeons, and nurses among other healthcare roles.

As a reminder, these healthcare certifications and roles do not come without a cost, and that is what we as individuals and families choose to pay for. Some make healthcare a high priority, some don't and that's the beauty of individual choice and freedom.

Are there costs to society for those who smoke, sure. And, there always will be. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay those costs than relinquish my healthcare decisions to Uncle Sam.

If you feel the same, are fed up with big government solution, and are wondering if private online options still exist, check out, a private-sector alternative with, even better yet, a site that works!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Better Late Than Never...

Thank you Ashton for sharing the truth about hard work and true success with today's teenagers.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Kevin Paulson Is the People's Choice for Salt Lake City Council District #7

I don't get behind a candidate lightly. 

The local and state candidates that I support need to "walk the walk" and Kevin Paulson, candidate for Salt Lake City Council District #7, is that type of candidate.


Kevin is non-partisan, open to listening to all sides of the spectrum from Democrat, Independent, Libertarian and Republican; he's a true leader. He is a listener and innovator. Kevin is driven to "do the right thing" and always asks the hard questions. Kevin is intent on making sure that residents in Salt Lake City's District 7 are heard and included in city planning, decision making and Utah's future.  

Kevin Paulson is NOT someone who is swayed by sitting politicians, dignitaries or endorsements that come with strings. 

Kevin is openly against the urban-forced streetcar project on 11th East and 2100 South while his opponent has kept her cards strategically on the table by skirting around the streetcar issue using the age-old rhetoric of a "fairminded" politician. Kevin is for a balanced and accountable city budget and improved police, fire and critical infrastructures. Kevin is NOT for spending taxpayer dollars on unjustified and wasteful pet projects.

On November 5th, you will have a choice to make. You can either vote for someone who "might" stand with the people of District 7 or someone like Kevin who WILL stand with District 7 residents. The choice is yours to make.

A vote for Kevin Paulson is a vote for improved citizenry impact in District 7!